‘Garbage Pail Kids’ Cereal Coming to FYE, With “Marshmallow Barf Bits”! – Bloody Disgusting

All these years later the Garbage Pail Kids brand is still going strong, with new lines of trading cards coming along at a steady clip and various collectibles (including Funko POP! toys) hitting store shelves. What’s next from the brand, you ask?

Well, how about cereal, candy bars and energy drinks!

GeePeeKay informs us that “Crazy Crisps with Marshmallow Barf Bits” cereal is on its way to FYE, as are “Cherry Bomb” energy drinks and two different chocolate bars: “Blasted Bar” and “Leaky Bar.”

The energy drinks are actually on FYE’s site already, selling for $3.99.

We can’t say we’ve ever associated the gross-out Garbage Pail Kids with delicious food treats, but you can damn sure bet we’ll be trying all of these. A world with GPK cereal in it is a world that isn’t so bad, if you’re asking me.

That’s a low bar, to be sure. But let me have this one.

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