Funko Pop! Alex Trebek Figure: I Lost on Jeopardy, Baby. – Technabob

Jeopardy has been on TV seemingly forever, and with the recent health woes of host Alex Trebek, it’s possible it won’t be on the air too much longer. You can pay tribute to your favorite very serious game show host with this Funko Pop! Alex Trebek figure.

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The figure features a modern-day likeness of a grey-haired Trebek, as he reads off a Final Jeopardy question in his dapper suit. If you’re really lucky, you might get the rare limited “Chase” edition of the figure, which features a more youthful Alex, complete with moustache.

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The figures are sent out at random, so you get what you get if you buy one and don’t get the rare edition. “Alex, What is, throw a fit?” You can grab one over at Amazon for about $10, or you can cut right to the chase and guarantee yourself the Chase edition for about $40.

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