Official Rules
  • No purchase necessary. Registration is free.
  • Currently open to legal residents of the United States only.
  • Must be 13 or older to participate. Children under 13 may not sign up on this site.
  • You must register an account on in order to participate. You must register with a VALID email address.
  • Any attempts to cheat, exploit or otherwise interfere with the intended operation of this site will result in your account being suspended or revoked at the sole discretion of
  • Winners are decided when a player submits the correct unlock code for the Contest they are participating in. There is only ONE correct code for each Contest and only ONE WINNER per Contest.
  • WinAPOP! at all times retains sole discretion in regard to all Contest matters.
  • Any person or persons found to be in violation of these rules before, during, or after the respective Contest will be disqualified and any prize or prizes will be forfeited and WinAPOP! will reserve the right at its sole discretion to not re-award a Contest Prize for that Contest.