Funko Releases New 90’s Nickelodeon Dorbz and Pops!

Nickelodeon and Funko are bringing the 90s back for all of us to enjoy. Not only are we getting Pops, we’re getting a new Dorbz announcement: one of the first in awhile!

Dorbz: ‘90s Nick

From Rugrats, we’re getting Chuckie, Tommy, and Angelica as Funko- Shop Exclusives

Pop! Animation: ‘90s Nick

As for Pops we’re getting Gerald Johanssen from Hey Arnold!, Angelica and
Spike from Rugrats, and  Eliza, Nigel and Donnie from
The Wild Thornberrys. The Wild Thornberrys are highly underrated. Glad to see them!

Hey Arnold the show is represented as well with Arnold and Gerald as fruits in Helga’s play – only at GameStop!

All of these will be coming soon!


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