Comment On Prizes
Just added a comment area on each of the prizes. You must be logged in to view/leave comments.

We encourage you to comment about anything pertaining to the prize or site. If something isn't working, let us know.

Posted On: 2020-04-12 23:16:58
Customize Your User Image
You can now upload your own image to replace the default user image. Just login to your account and click on the image from your profile page.

Follow the instructions and please keep them family friendly.

Posted On: 2020-04-11 18:46:15
Beta Registration Open To The Public
Anyone may now register during the Beta development stage. Keep in mind that this site is still under development and some functions may work, stop working, or simply do nothing.

Please note that no prizes will actually be awarded until the Beta development stage has concluded. At which time, all previous attempts will be erased and play will be restarted.

Please follow us on Twitter for additional updates. We welcome any suggestions you may have as well as any potential bug reports.

Posted On: 2020-04-07 01:56:53
We're Back To Work!
Sorry for the lack of updates, but real life has gotten in the way of this hobby. We hope everyone is staying safe, practicing social distancing and making the best of a difficult situation.

Good news is we now have a little free time to focus on getting Win A POP! up and running AND we have even More POP! prizes to add! We thank you for your patience during this time.

Posted On: 2020-04-01 14:01:39